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Do I win some kind of award ?

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2015 10:42 am
by hpsacr

Just cruising through my favorites list and decided to stop in at DNO.
HaHA ! it says my last visit was Tues May 1 2012

Great to see I still recognize some names. I am thinking about a cheap autocross car for the summer and a neon is tops on my list. Have to
see if the budget and wife will allow.

Lets see... I went from a 96 ACR coupe to a 99 E430 benz to a 06 Jetta and now a 15 Dart GT. I like it, but not in the same way I loved my Neon.

Still have my DNO tshirt and wear it proudly.

Well, gotta go ... smell yall later ! (but not too much later)