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Replacing the fog light assembly?

Posted: Sat Feb 22, 2014 6:24 pm
by nineinchnerd
2001 Dodge Neon Motorsports... looks like this: ... F.jpg.html

I can't find any youtube videos or sites that instruct you how to change out/remove the entire fog light, not just the lightbulb itself. I moved to Virginia awhile back for work and they failed it on a state inspection for being too dirty/dim. I don't want to waste time ripping the entire car apart before I realize I just had to remove such and such. It doesn't seem like removing the bumper cover will do anything because the bolts face towards the engine, not towards the bumper cover. I could only remove 1 bolt towards the center of the car but cannot get to the 2 bolts on the outer side of the car with my hand or any tools. Seems like there are permanant structures in the way lol. Can anyone help?