Site rules: Watch this thread new and updated info.

News and updates regarding DNO, and our members. General area for club announcements.
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Site rules: Watch this thread new and updated info.

Post by -db » Fri Mar 12, 2004 9:51 am

General site rules

1. We do not condone nor discuss street racing on these forums. Threads about street racing will be locked or deleted.

2. Any post not in the correct forum will be deleted.

3. Any forsale post not in the forsale forum will be immediately deleted.

4. Do not double post, edit your original post if you need to add more info.

5. All posts need to be written in a readable fashion, no "short hand"/AOL/Elitist typing. Use punctuation. We can deal with misspelled words here and there, so no worries.

6. All "spotted" posts need to be in the 'Sightings!' section.

7. Keep all replies on topic with the post you are replying in. Off topic replies will be deleted from the post.

8. Personal attacks of any kind, harsh attitudes, or any acts of rudeness are unacceptable. In other words, don't be a troll. Anything deemed to be along these lines will be dealt with. If you have an issue with what someone said, take it to PM's.

For Sale Board Rules
The DNO For Sale board is for the use of the Members of DNO.

When posting in the For Sale board, indicate that something is "For Sale" (FS: item) or "Want to buy" (WTB: item) or "Want to Trade" (WTT: item)

If you are selling multiple items, please post them within one post. If you create multiple topics for the same item or a single topic for each item, topics can and will be deleted without notice.

There will be no bumping a post still on the 1st page.

No commercial posts of any kind are permitted unless you are a paid sponsor of DNO. (If you are interested in sponsoring DNO, please contact Greg Croft, at

Please use caution in dealing with anyone you may not know. Even though we are all locals, if you are uncomfortable with a deal it's best to not go through with it.

As of 12/01/2010
All new for sale topics will have pre-generated text that must be filled out if you are selling or trading item(s), if its a WTB you are not required to fill it out and you can delete the pre-generated text without penalty.
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Post by sllywhtboy » Sun Feb 18, 2007 6:16 pm

bump. reminders in red
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Re: Site rules: Watch this thread new and updated info.

Post by dawm » Wed Dec 01, 2010 8:29 pm

Updated to include the new for sale section rules.
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