Please read: Things you should know about using the forums.

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Please read: Things you should know about using the forums.

Post by -db » Thu Aug 18, 2005 11:24 pm

Why use punctuation and proper grammar?

It becomes tiresome to read someones entire post that is a paragragh long that has bad english in it, and doesn't use any punctuation and bad spacing. When a post keeps running on and on and on and on and on and the person reading it has to then try and figure out what they are saying because it isnt clear due to the fact that the grammar, punctuation, and spelling are all incorrect. You can't tell where one sentence begins and another ends. It just is kinda tiresome and makes people not want to read it so they don't and then sometimes the poster gets angry because noone posts a response and sometimes it is only because nobody wants to read a post that is that difficult to read in the first place. Now, perfection is not expected because no one is perfect, but an attempt is expected. Please proof read and make corrections before hitting the post button.

Do not post with the caps lock button on.

This is the internets version of yelling. It also makes the post hard to read.

Before you ask, SEARCH!!!

This is one of the single most important things you can do. In most cases, someone has had the same problem you've had before. There's a fair chance that you'll find your answer without having to post and wait if you do a search first. There IS a chance you'll do a search and not hit the right key words. Someone will probably be kind enough to point you to a prior posting.

Make your topic descriptive.

Simply posting "Help me!" or "URGENT!!! NEED IMMEDIATE HELP!!!" will not get as many responses as a post titled "car will crank, but not fire". Everyone's time is valuable, and many people scan the topic titles to see if there's anything of interest. A generic posting title will be largely ignored. Also, it makes it harder to find your posting during a search. If someone is searching for help, seeing "Help me!" in the title line doesn't give them much information to go on.

Why is your question more URGENT!!! than anyone else's?

While it might be tempting to label your post as URGENT!!!, it really doesn't accomplish much (except to annoy others). Everyone who has a problem would like a quick resolution to it. Don't expect people to fall all over themselves to help you just because you are having a crisis.

If there's no answers, they don't know!

If you post a question and no one responds, you shouldn't take it personally. And you really shouldn't submit another post stating "See My Previous Post". If someone knows, they'll contribute. If they don't, they won't. There are some really valuable minds in this group, but they don't have the answers to all the problems.

Be specific with your question and what kind of a solution you're after...

Posting "My car doesn't work... Please help" is worthless. Don't simply say something doesn't work. What doesn't work? What did you try? What did you expect to happen, and what happened instead? Did you find something? If so, what was it? Provide as much info as absolutly possible. That way we are not wasting our time guessing when a more educated answer could be provided.

Post a followup with your results (or at least acknowledge the help)!

If you take the time to post a question and someone takes the time to post a possible solution, PLEASE be kind enough to acknowledge the help AND post a followup to tell whether it worked or not. Many people use this board as a reference point, and it's very frustrating to find possible solutions with no hint as to what worked or not. It's just basic courtesy... Even if you've figured out the answer for yourself, please post the result as there are many who could benefit from your experience. Please don't think in terms of "Boy, was I stupid in not seeing that". Nobody is going to judge you and everyone will benefit.

In most cases, don't post to a specific person.

The benefit of this board is that it's a "group" discussion board. Even though it's tempting to try to get some of the "regulars" to answer by asking them specifically, don't! If they're hanging out (and they always do), they'll answer anyway. In addition, many others who may have an answer WON'T post due to the directed nature of the question. You may miss out on some really good solutions by not including everyone.

Continue the thread whenever possible.

If you have a followup issue within a couple of days of an original post, try to keep it with the original. If someone is trying to help, they won't want to search through days of other posts to find the original discussion. Keeping everything in a single thread makes it easier for others to help. It also makes it easier for others in the future doing searches on the same issues.

Don't duplicate your postings.

Posting the same question two or three times in a row will not lead to a faster response. It just clutters up the board, splits any potential responses between two (or more) threads, and frankly irritates everyone. Also when posting, if the browser displays the error message "The server connection was reset...", refresh the browser page. Your post was probably successful.

Oh no.... The dreaded Red X of Death!!!
If you get the dreaded RXoD (also known as the Panic Box), we suggest the following. Post a quick note saying the picture or graphic is not showing. There really is no need for more that 2 people to reply stating this. The 1st person to mention the problem and the 2nd to confirm it's not a single person problem. Any more than that is unneded clutter.

This guide was brought to you by, but was edited to make it relevent to our forums.

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Post by Riddler » Fri Aug 19, 2005 1:13 am

Great post Doug!


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